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Some of the "Master" artists featured on Gallery Graphics' products
* Angelo Asti – (1847-1903) Angelo Asti was a French artist known for his beautiful woman painted onto silks with Italian undertones. Asti has also been deemed by some as an originator of the “Pin-up Girls”.

* Cicely Mary Barker – (June 28, 1895 - February 16, 1973) Cicely Mary Barker born in 1895 in Croydon. After suffering from epilepsy Cicely Mary Barker was unable to go to school, so she was educated at home and spent much of her time on her own, reading and drawing. Cicely Mary Barker's father, who she lost at 17, got her first job at the age of 15. Published in 1923, Flower Fairies of the Spring was well received who were charmed by Cicely Mary Barker's vision of hope and innocence.

* Philip Boileau – (1863-1917) Philip Boileau was born in Quebec, Canada. Boileau was well known for his talent of painting highly respected & noble women. His most famous piece was “Peggy Head” a portrait of his wife, who appeared repeatedly in Boileau’s portraits.

* Harrison Fisher – (1875-1934) Harrison Fisher was born in Brooklyn, NY, spent his youth in San Francisco & returned to New York. Known for his magazine & newspaper paintings, Fisher was nicknamed by some as “The Father of a Thousand Girls”. After his death, a relative kept a few paintings and burned over 900 of his remaining artworks, at his request.

* Maud Humphrey – (1865-1940) Maud Humphrey, mother of actor Humphrey Bogart, was best known for her whimsical portraits of children at play. Maud Humphrey did illustrations for Ivory Soap, Harper’s Weekly, & The Century to name a few. Humphrey Bogart’s curly locks & adorable face made him a suitable model for several of Maud Humphrey’s illustrations.

* Henry Hutt – (1875-1950) Henry Hutt was born in Chicago, IL. Henry Hutt sold his first illustration at the age of 16 to Life. Hutt continued to expand his portfolio with Life, Saturday Evening Post & Century Magazines. His wife was featured in several of his paintings.

* Louis Icart – (1880-1950) Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France. Louis Icart began drawing at an early age. He began working in major design studios. While fighting in World War I, Icart would draw on anything he could find. When he returned from the front, Icart would turn these drawings into prints.

* Catherine Klein – (1861-1929) Catherine Klein, while a well known artist, not much is known about her personal life. After attending art school in Berlin, Catherine Klein became widely sought after as a postcard illustrator. Catherine Klein's artwork is still much in demand today & several schools still use her work as “gouche” (opaque watercolor) examples.

* Paul de Longpre - (1855-1911) Paul de Longpre was born in Lyon, France where he first began drawing floral images at a very young age. By the age of 12, Paul de Longpre was earning an income painting flowers on fans for a Parisian firm. Paul de Longpre went from Paris, New York (1890), & ending in Los Angeles (1898). Paul de Longpre‘s house became a major tourist attraction, boasting 25,000 visitors each year.

* Fred Morgan – (1856-1927) The painter Fred Morgan was born in London, lived in Aylesbury, Leighton Buzzard, 3 years at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, and ended back in London. Fred Morgan specialized in pictures of children, rustic peasants, baby animals, and sailors.

* Alphonse Mucha – (1866-1939) Alphonse Mucha was born in Czechoslovakia. Mucha moved to Paris in 1887 & received his hard earned fame when he painted the actress, Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha is attributed with the starting of the Art Nouveau movement.

* Clarence Underwood – (1871-1929) Clarence F. Underwood was born in Jamestown, NY. Underwood study in Paris some but returned to work illustrating postcards, magazines & Saturday Evening Post. Underwood’s romantically influenced paintings depicted scenes from courting beside a fence line to stealing a kiss over a chessboard.

Some of the Licensed Artists featured on Gallery Graphics Products:
* Angela Anderson * Tom Browning * Doug Knutson * Sandra Kuck
* Julie Dobson Miner * Barbara Mock * Laurie Snow Hein * Julie Ueland * Todd Williams

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